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8 March, 2018 - 10:56 By Tony Quested

Robotics pioneer changes name to CMR Surgical

Cambridge Medical Robotics robot arm

Cambridge Medical Robotics, which is developing a next-generation surgical robot for keyhole surgery, has changed its name to CMR Surgical.

The switch reflects the company’s vision to transform surgery as it plans the launch of its robotic system, Versius, later this year.

Versius, a surgical robot, is designed to meet the complex requirements of laparoscopic surgery. It is inspired by the human arm and is said to have remarkable dexterity, flexibility and reach, enabling a new paradigm in surgical experience.

The technology is driving CMR Surgical’ s vision in making minimal access surgery available to all.

CEO Martin Frost said: “We are excited at the opportunity to become a game-changer in surgery and our company name needs to reflect the scale of our ambition. 

“2018 will be a milestone year for the company as we accelerate from development to commercialisation and move a step closer to realising our ambition of making minimal access surgery accessible to more patients worldwide.”

CMR Surgical has more than doubled in size in the past year. The company, which was incorporated four years ago, now employs over 170 people. It will develop a 42,000 sq ft global headquarters on the outskirts of Cambridge.

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