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12 November, 2020 - 13:15 By Tony Quested

Timestrip technology to protect COVID vaccines in transit

Cambridge based Timestrip®, which develops smart indicator technology, has moved fast to develop a range of products that support use of the coronavirus vaccines now promising to become available. 

Special liquid indicators have been created by the UK business which can travel with the frozen vaccine supplies as they move from manufacture to the point of care, ensuring that any temperature breach can be identified.

As one or more vaccines are planned for distribution, attention is focusing on the ultra-cold chain. That is because COVID-19 vaccines may need to be stored and transported at temperatures as low as -70C. 

Any breach of the specified temperature conditions is revealed by the new Timestrip smart labels with a clear and irreversible indication.

After thawing, vaccines must be used quickly – usually within a few days – and Timestrip indicators are also available to monitor this critical period and alert medical staff to time expired product.

Antiviral treatments such as Gilead’s VEKLURY® product have also to be kept cool and then after dilution can be stored for between one and two days – depending on the storage temperature – prior to administration. Timestrip indicators are available to monitor these conditions and automatically adjust the time to expiry as conditions change.

Other applications now being made available include a range of indicators for virus specimens as they are sent for laboratory testing. The Virus Specimen Transport (VST) series of indicators includes a time/temperature indicator (TTI) that mirrors the response of the virus specimens and can alert healthcare organisations to compromised samples.

In yet another initiative, Timestrip has introduced ‘Rapid Diagnostics 15’, a short term time indicator designed for use with the new rapid turnaround lateral flow test kits now being rolled out more widely.

“As market leaders in the time and temperate indicator sector, we must play our part and support the great work being carried out during the pandemic”, said Nora Murphy, commercial director of Timestrip. 

“We are working to develop cost effective, bespoke solutions to support the regulatory bodies in their efforts to deliver product safely through the cold and ultra-cold supply chains.”

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