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27 March, 2020 - 17:14 By Tony Quested

Tristel alliance with Byotrol targets hospitals with novel product

Tristel plc, which makes infection prevention and contamination control products, has unveiled a know-how licence and commercial collaboration with fellow UK business Byotrol. 

The deal relates to the joint development of a biocidal formulation and Byotrol’s development of two additional biocidal products and formulations that will be supplied and licensed to Tristel. 

Newmarket-based Tristel says the formulation will create a unique surface disinfectant product for hospitals by combining the two companies’ core technologies.
The formulation combines Tristel’s chlorine dioxide chemistry, which is sporicidal – meaning that it has the highest level of disinfection efficacy – with ACTIZONE, a Solvay S.A. technology developed in collaboration with Byotrol and which enables a disinfectant to have long-lasting efficacy on a surface for an eight-hour period after first application.

Tristel will incorporate the jointly developed formulation in several packaging formats under the family name Tristel8.  These products will be unique worldwide in combining sporicidal efficacy with residual disinfection efficacy.

Byotrol will also licence two biocidal formulations to Tristel for incorporation in its surface disinfectants range which is branded Cache.  Cache represents a novel approach to today’s very relevant issues of hospital hygiene and environmental concern. 

The Byotrol products and formulations give Tristel access to intermediate level disinfectants that are effective against bacteria, viruses and yeasts in accordance with the requirements of European Test Norms. 

The disinfectants will be for use in hospitals and will conform with the requirements of the European Biocidal Products Registration and the UK equivalent that will come into force post-Brexit. 

As this legislation is implemented throughout the UK and Europe during the coming years various active ingredients that are commonly incorporated in hospital grade disinfectants will be withdrawn from use. 

Tristel has previously incorporated some of these active ingredients in the intermediate level disinfectants that it presents to hospitals alongside its high-performance chlorine dioxide disinfectants.  

The agreement will ensure that Tristel will continue to comply fully with the future regulatory environment that will govern the manufacture and sale of disinfectants for surface disinfection.  

Tristel will manufacture all the products deriving from the formulations, whilst Byotrol will supply the ACTIZONE material. Byotrol will receive payments from Tristel based upon volumes manufactured and product sales.  

Tristel will be responsible for branding and global sales and marketing through its 13 subsidiaries and 35 international distributors. It expects sales of these new products to start in the next financial year.

Chief executive Paul Swinney said: “Tristel and Byotrol are both specialist infection prevention companies and in recent years we have forged a close working relationship. This collaboration holds great promise for both businesses. For Tristel it provides us a future-proofed intermediate grade disinfectant that we will incorporate into our hospital surface disinfectants product portfolio.    

“The second key element of the arrangement is that we will combine a sporicidal high-performance disinfectant, which has an unrivalled kill time, with long-lasting disinfection activity that is proven to last for eight hours in accordance with PAS2424, a test developed with BSI and currently under detailed review by the EU for EN status. 

“This combination of technologies creates a ground-breaking proposition. It is akin to clearing a crowd out of a stadium in 30 seconds and then keeping the doors closed to stop anyone re-entering.”

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