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23 June, 2020 - 08:24 By Tony Quested

TTP chosen to road test Cancer Research UK projects

Cambridge product development innovator TTP has been hand-picked by Cancer Research UK to assess healthcare technology discoveries made by the charity’s academic researchers.

TTP will review and evaluate the clinical and commercial applications of emerging technologies to support Cancer Research UK’s pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 

The business was chosen to work with the charity based on its breadth of development skills and experience in progressing a product idea to manufacture.

The vision for the alliance is to advance Cancer Research UK’s research in areas including medical devices, diagnostics, sensors and artificial intelligence.

Dr Michelle Griffin, Clinical Innovator at TTP plc, said: “Being chosen to work with such a prestigious organisation demonstrates our credibility and trusted experience within healthcare technology development.

“Our expertise across the sector complements Cancer Research UK’s breadth of research techniques and we look forward to applying this deep knowledge to find new and exciting methods to beat cancer, sooner.”

The rich seam of technology Cancer Research UK is mining was spelled out by the charity’s chief business officer, Tony Hickson.

He said: “We have access to a fantastic portfolio of emerging tech through the Cancer Research UK academic community and are eager to see this reach the healthcare setting as soon as possible.

“Our partnership with TTP is a great opportunity for Cancer Research UK as it will enable us to deliver our most promising technologies to the clinic, shaping the future of how people with cancer are diagnosed, treated and monitored.”

Tony Hickson


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