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31 July, 2017 - 21:29 By Tony Quested

TTP launches new digital bioprinting platform at California expo

TTP Giles Sanders

A novel droplet dispensing concept launched by TTP in Cambridge will enable high-speed, high-density, multi-colour printing in emerging applications including diagnostics, tissue engineering and drug discovery.

The technology and product development business is now seeking development and go-to-market partners for FormaJetTM.

When commercialised, FormaJet will enable digital processing and bioprinting of molecules for deposition and dispensing. 

TTP is currently showcasing FormaJet at the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in California (from today, July 31, until Thursday August 3).

The technology can be tailored to suit TTP’s development partners’ specific market needs, with an initial demo configuration allowing easy loading of 96 colours from SBS plates. 

The UK company says the platform is capable of addressing a broad range of reagent types from proteins, peptides and DNA, to low viscosity polymers, organic chemicals, volatile solvents and solid-loaded materials.

FormaJet has been conceived by a team which combines TTP’s expertise in diagnostics, drug discovery, and droplet-based digital printing. 

It will use droplet generation and control technology which has been proven in applications ranging from drug delivery to inkjet printing, and features a gentle operation, which removes any risk of thermal shock to the material being processed.

Printheads can be designed to be automation-ready and to work with standard SBS liquid handling workflows. 

A broad spectrum of applications is possible such diagnostic development and manufacture and 2D, 2.5D and 3D bio printing. It will also bring a unique speed of operation and accuracy to more classical liquid handling areas, such as drug discovery synthesis and screening.

The first variation of TTP’s platform is being designed to work with 96 fluids from a monolithic block approximately 8cm of standard well-plate width. It is designed to provide ultra-low dead volume and true digital dispensing deposition at rates of 3000 drops per nozzle per second. It is expected to save time and reagent use in both lab and manufacturing environments, in some cases up to 100-fold.

Dr Giles Sanders (pictured above), for the Life Science team at TTP, explained: “The launch of our FormaJet platform is a jump in our bioprinting ambition. We expect it to advance our established technology, that can print a broad spectrum of biomolecule materials, to something that address a clear need for increased speed and density of printing, as well as providing a step change in the number of reagents that can be printed at one time.”

Rob Day, head of Print Technology at TTP, added: “There is a gap in the market for multi-colour bioprinting. FormaJetTM will be the first platform to enable digital non-contact dispensing of many colours in a single small format printhead.

“We look forward to discussing commercial applications with technology providers in a huge range of applications, from lab research to assay development and manufacture.”

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