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10 June, 2020 - 11:24 By Tony Quested

US antibody ace leverages Cambridge base

A young but big hitting US life science player is growing a UK team from a new base at Granta Park in Cambridge.

Alloy Therapeutics, formed in Massachusetts in 2017, is dedicated to empowering global scientists with foundational drug discovery platforms and services. It is hiring fresh talent at its new UK home at Granta’s McLintock Building.

The executive team is power-packed with business builders and money magnets. Led by founder, CEO and chairman Errik Anderson, the company is pioneering technology in a key growth area of the life sciences. Its specialist Discovery Services teams in Boston, MA and Cambridge, UK do immunisations every day while working to refine and improve the company’s groundbreaking Alloy-Gx platform. 

The sister Alloy Discovery Services business enables Alloy to ensure that all its partners are successful in their antibody discovery projects. 

The company “makes medicine by democratising access to foundational drug discovery platforms and services.”

Alloy-Gx, its first platform, is a royalty-free suite of immunocompetent transgenic mice enabling best-in-class in vivo human antibody discovery. 

There are three ways to access the Alloy-Gx platform:-

  • Alloy will send the Alloy-Gx mice directly to your lab for immunisations.
  • It will send the Alloy-Gx mice to a Certified Service Provider of choice.
  • Clients can work with Alloy’s in-house Discovery Services team in Boston, MA or Cambridge, UK for their immunisations and discovery work.

The top team is packed with talent: CSO Mike Snaith was Director Fellow at MedImmune, Associate Director at AstraZeneca and a Post-Doc at Cambridge University’s Genetics Department.

CTO Piotr Bobrowicz was CSO at Compass Therapeutics which raised $132 million in a 2018 series A.

One of its thrusting website slogans – ‘May the best drug win’ – demonstrates the company’s confidence in its offering as it challenges global biotech and pharma to ‘make medicine together.’

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