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18 August, 2014 - 09:54 By News Desk

Landfill biogas engine installed in Norfolk


Albion Community Power (ACP), a UK power generation company, has funded the development of a small scale landfill gas engine in Docking, Norfolk.

Docking will be developed in conjunction with ACP’s biogas partner, AlphaGen Renewables, which will oversee the installation and operation of a 50kW microgeneration landfill gas engine.

The project will generate power from the landfill gas resource at the site under a 20-year agreement with Norfolk County Council.

Docking represents the first project with AlphaGen Renewables and the first biogas project in the ACP portfolio.

ACP undertakes projects in biogas alongside wind, hydro and solar projects and Docking reflects its commitment to funding a diversified range of small-scale renewable energy. ACP is looking to build a portfolio of similar, high yielding, landfill schemes going forward.

David Gudgin, head of renewables at Albion Ventures said: “Biogas is an increasingly popular area of renewable energy and we are looking forward to working with AlphaGen both on this project and others in the future.”

As a generator of renewable energy, ACP provides access to a diversified range of long-term electricity infrastructure projects at a time when a substantial portion of the UK’s power generation capacity is scheduled for closure due to obsolescence or regulation.

With the UK government’s commitment to the EU to generate 15 per cent of all power from renewable energy by 2020 demand has never been greater and is expected to continue to grow over the next few years.

Richard Tipping, chairman of AlphaGen Renewables said: “We are delighted to be partnering with ACP on this project, which is set to deliver strong returns. Renewables such as biogas are playing a growing role in the UK’s energy production.” 

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