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14 March, 2008 - 04:56 By Staff Reporter

ITM to explore the potential of diesel-hydrogen hybrid

Alternative energy innovator, ITM Power has announced a new collaboration to assess the potential of using technology combining diesel and hydrogen in a co-combustion engine which could revolutionise the trucking industry.

The Saffron Walden-based firm said the the contract with Bi-Fuels Limited is the first step in establishing further test data on this technology, as ITM continues to explore the impact of hydrogen injection into diesel fuelling systems. It said that under the terms of the contract, Bi-Fuels is committed to develop and test technologies for Hydrogen:Diesel co-combustion in common-rail engines for ITM which are applicable to the EoE firm's proprietary materials and processes. "The collaboration with Bi-Fuels Limited will enable ITM to accelerate its investigation of hydrogen/diesel bi-fuel technology, which is another area of commercial potential for ITM's intellectual property and expertise," said CEO, Jim Heathcote. Bi-Fuels Limited has considerable experience in the field of multi-fuelling, ITM said, having developed and patented electronic technology that allows diesel engines to control, and co-combust, two or more fuels simultaneously. Bi-Fuels has a growing customer base of Diesel:LPG truck applications, including a  fully operational truck - which the company says can provide spectacularly improved results in terms of miles per gallon, power and emissions - and the Cheshire-based company are keen to research and develop opportunities that Hydrogen:Diesel could afford. ITM added that the new contract would replace the memorandum of understanding it had with ABRO, which has expired without testing taking place. Shares in ITM have seen a slight boost, growing just over one per cent to 54p.

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