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14 June, 2007 - 12:42 By Staff Reporter

TWI hosts Green Day for firms looking to go green

TWI, the world centre for materials joining technology, has hosted its first Green Day, a seminar and networking event for companies and organisations looking to share thinking and move toward greater adoption of clean technology.

Keynote speaker Dr Angelo Amorelli, director of Technology for BP Alternative Energy set the tone for the day.

“We [BP] recognise that reducing our eco-footprint is critical for our commercial success,” he said.

“Two billion people today don’t have access to electricity. They will in future and this is one of the big challenges that we all face today.”

Dr Amorelli, who read Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, also described how BP has an open approach to innovation. “It works with the best organisations around the world rather than maintaining a heavy R&D facility as it once did,” he said.

But rather than clusters of expertise, as has happened with new industries, such as IT and biotechnology, Dr Amorelli’s view is that clean technology firms have legacy backgrounds that will keep the industry disaggregated. “In some places, fuel cell technology firms of the future might have been making lead acid batteries.”

Green Day was intended to bring together organisations from different industries that face common concerns about clean technology.

During the day delegates heard presentations from leading experts on renewable and alternative energies, clean technology and associated subjects, such as legislation, waste management, recycling and funding for innovation.

The event was attended by more than 50 delegates from the UK and overseas. Cambridge Toyota provided three cars showing Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive and electric powered push-bikes and a moped were demonstrated by Cambridge firm Electric Transport.

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