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Barr Ellison Solicitors – commercial property
9 August, 2018 - 14:21 By Tony Quested

Cambridge CleanTech company launches in Japan

Alessandro Pastore

Cambridge CleanTech business Camfridge has set up a team in Tokyo to exploit major interest in its technology from potential Japanese customers.

The Cambridge University spin-out is pioneering revolutionary magnetic cooling solutions and its Japanese foray follows a successful energy expo in Yokohama. First product is set to hit the Japanese market in the near future.

Dozens of Japanese companies’ representatives attending the exhibition had the opportunity to see and discuss Camfridge’s advanced solutions using third generation magnetocaloric materials. 

Camfridge was selected by the European Commission to represent the best European green technology companies in the European Commission Pavillon. The EU-Gateway to Japan programme partially funded the mission and ensured successful engagement with the Japanese companies.

Alessandro Pastore, Camfridge’s executive VP for business development, said: “Japan is a very competitive market and innovation plays a fundamental role for successful companies. This is the reason why the new opportunities offered by Camfridge’s solutions were so well received. 

“What visitors praised the most was the unrivalled compactness of our technology and the new and innovative uses to which it can be put.

“The interest was so high that we subsequently decided to install a team in Tokyo who will now be in charge of follow-on. By uniting forces with the right Japanese partners, the first appliances could reach the market soon.”
Camfridge collaborates with many companies in the packaged cooling-appliance market to enable the integration of its magnetic cooling technology into specific applications.

Magnetic technology offers appliance manufacturers a gas-free and highly-efficient solution leading to a highly differentiated product which better meets end-user needs and delivers a unique brand positioning.

Camfridge develops energy-efficient and gas-free magnetic cooling – a novel cooling technology that uses advanced metal alloys and magnetic fields to drive a novel cooling cycle, that can most readily be exploited in domestic and commercial appliances.

It is in smaller appliances where conventional gas based cooling technology is less efficient (rather than large industrial scale plants) and it is here that Camfridge's technology demonstrates up to a 40 per cent reduction in energy consumption. Camfridge's immediate market focus is the $20 billion a year domestic cooling appliance market.

Camfridge was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from The Materials Chemistry Group at the University of Cambridge; a private company, it has the Cambridge Capital Group and the University of Cambridge as principle shareholders.

Camfridge also enjoys significant collaborative R & D funding from the European Union and the company is also supported by both the Carbon Trust and the Technology Strategy Board. 

The company says these funding programs are enabling the development of a strong industrial ecosystem that is driving the sustainable growth of the magnetic cooling industry.

The Materials Chemistry Group at the University of Cambridge has a rich heritage of commercialisation success. Other startup companies and industrial partners include:-

  • CamBattery – working on developing the lithium sulphur battery technology, including improving the battery performance.
  • Camses – exploring photocatalysis for a wide range of applications; research directions include air cleaning, water disinfection and dental treatments.
  • Enviromental Monitoring & Control Ltd – founded by Professor Derek Fray and Dr Ramachandran Kumar with industrial partner Dr Mark Henson to transfer technology from the university environment to industry. It deals with manufacturing cutting-edge solid ionic sensors for monitoring hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide & trioxide, and on-board diagnostics sensing for a variety of applications.
  • FerroEnergy – developing a revolutionary method of recycling lead-acid battery paste using environmentally friendly and economic household chemicals to recover the lead content directly in the form of lead oxide.
  • Inotec AMD – a specialist company in woundcare, formed specifically to introduce a new technology to healthcare professionals around the world and promote faster and better healing to patients.
  • Metalysis Ltd – exploiting the FFC-Cambridge electro-deoxidation process for low-energy extraction of metals.
  • Solutions 4 Hydrogen Pvt. Ltd – A start-up company founded by Dr Ramachandran Kumar to manufacture instruments for leak detection, safety monitoring and process control with applications in power plants, chemical industry, transportation, back-up battery rooms, space applications and many others.

• PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: Alessandro Pastore (right)

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