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Barr Ellison Solicitors – commercial property
24 November, 2016 - 22:23 By Kate Sweeney

China buys into Cambridge company’s marine contamination technology

Cambridge UK company Bactest has won early market validation in China for a marine contamination variant of its bug-busting technology – Speedy Breedy  SeaSure®.

SeaSure® is a patent-pending integrated ballast water testing solution suitable to be used on-board ship that gathers test results on microbial, phytoplankton and chemical contamination reporting on whether treated ballast water is compliant to the IMO-D2, VGP and other standards.

This data is automatically input into a secure report called Ballast Log that is suitable for transmission to interested parties such as ballast water treatment systems manufacturers, ship owners and Port State control providing a secure audit trail.

The convention will require all ships to implement a ballast water management plan. All ships will have to carry a ballast water record book and will be required to carry out ballast water management procedures to a given standard.

Early adopters of Speedy Breedy SeaSure® include the Chinese Port State Control in Shandong Province, and Distributors P General also in China and Korean Distributor IBS.

Bactest CEO Professor Annie Brooking said: “Using Speedy Breedy SeaSure® as part of a ship’s ballast water management procedure would make the process much simpler and provide a secure digital solution for ship owners. Our research into the ballast water testing market told us that ships sending samples to a land-based lab for testing was just not feasible.

“Ship owners and port state control want a one-stop shop to buy a completely integrated solution, which is easy to use, and provides an automated transmittable ballast log report that would tell them if they were compliant with various standards so they would not risk being delayed in port. Speedy Breedy SeaSure® ticks all of these boxes.”

To bring SeaSure® to market, Bactest has partnered with Chelsea Technologies Group to test for phytoplankton and with international water testing company Palintest to measure chemical contamination.|

Bactest has also partnered with leading US ballast water treatment company Hyde Marine whose customers have the option to buy SeaSure® alongside their ballast water treatment system Guardian Gold. 

Bactest is based at St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge.

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