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Barr Ellison Solicitors – commercial property
27 March, 2019 - 10:58 By Kate Sweeney

Streetwise Telensa on top Down Under

The city of Darwin in Australia has chosen Cambridge lighting technology for a smart city project.

Telensa’ PLANet® intelligent street lighting system is being deployed in one of the largest council-run projects of its type in Australia.

Darwin will replace close to 10,000 lights on its street & public lighting network with LEDs wirelessly connected by Telensa.

They will be controlled by the Telensa Central Management System and hosted in Australia by Amazon Web Services.

This project follows a Northern Territory Government initiative to transfer the control of street lights to councils with some now contracting for LED and smart controls upgrades.

By choosing a system proven at mass scale across the world, the City of Darwin was able to move directly to full deployment, eliminating the need to run a pilot system.

Telensa PLANet is an end-to-end intelligent street lighting system, consisting of wireless nodes connecting individual lights, a dedicated wireless network owned by the city, and a central management application.

The system pays for itself in reduced energy and maintenance costs, improves quality of service through automatic fault reporting and turns streetlight poles into hubs for smart city sensors.

With more than 1.7 million lights connected, Telensa PLANet is acknowledged as the world’s most popular connected streetlight system.

Scott Waters, chief executive officer for the City of Darwin, said: “Key infrastructure projects such as street and public lighting demand the highest standards to ensure reliability and value for money and Telensa’s proposition more than satisfies both of those criteria.

“With Telensa’s PLANet system, Darwin will be able to reduce costs whilst improving our street and public lighting service.”

Will Gibson, founder and chief commercial officer at Telensa, added: “We are excited to be working with City of Darwin to deliver a modern, efficient and resilient street and public lighting system that will effectively respond to the community’s needs for decades to come.”

Working with Microsoft and Qualcomm technologies in the Urban Data Project, Telensa is helping cities build future-proof operations driven by data intelligence, trust and transparency. Anchored in Cambridge UK, Telensa also has regional operations in the US and Australia.

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