27 March, 2020 - 12:17 By Kate Sweeney

Cambridge Network plays key role in connecting businesses

Cambridge Network is living up to its name with initiatives that are linking record numbers of businesses with each other and with organisations that could prove a rich source of employees – or indeed identify an avenue to find new deployments for technology.

Under new CEO John Gourd and dynamic executive director Claire Ruskin the Network has really grasped the nettle – and not only because of the coronavirus threat to business.

Gourd says the region's leading group for all high skill businesses is proud to be keeping people connected during the coronavirus outbreak.

He says: “As businesses, we are all navigating uncharted waters as we face up to the current challenges. Cambridge Network wants to continue to support businesses in the wider area, whether members or not. We are continuing to bring people together and doing this online.

“Drawing from our bank of fantastic trainers and associates, we recently launched our first online seminar covering the importance of external communications in uncertain times – led by the inspiring communications consultant Simon Hall. 

“Unsurprisingly many of our member events have been postponed, but we are keeping the news and stories coming through and will be happy to update member profiles and answer any queries. 

“We would also welcome input if people have ideas for topics to cover in future seminars or discussions which will be of help to them.”

In general terms, the Network is also leveraging fresh ‘forces’ to help companies grow.

Claire Ruskin explained: “Cambridge Network has been connecting Cambridge technology business leaders with British Forces leaders, with the Police force and doing ongoing work with the Health Service.  

“Many of our local companies have products that can be groundbreaking in applications that are outside their normal sphere. The  dinner shown in the photograph was a chance to meet with people at the top of the British Army before a workshop for the Forces to discover more about Cambridge technologies.”

For help with any issues, whether or not relating to the current virus spread, feel free to visit the website – www.cambridgenetwork.co.uk

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