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  • Four acquisitions add £7m to BJ’s turnover

    Bentley Jennison, the chartered accountant and business adviser, has started 2006 with a significant expansion: four new acquisitions will see a £... Read More

  • Eversheds forges India desk

    Eversheds in Cambridge has set up a dedicated team to service the rapidly growing B2B market between India and the East of England. Eversheds in... Read More

  • Intergence bites into the Big Apple

    Intergence Systems, a Cambridgeshire network consultancy that has grown 500 per cent over the last three years, has opened a New York base to service... Read More

  • PwC tops M&A table

    PricewaterhouseCoopers has been ranked top of the league tables in Merger-market’s annual round-up of M... Read More


Kiss Communications