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6 March, 2014 - 14:40 By News Desk

Cambridge technology tackles beer contamination

Cambridge technology tackles beer contamination

Bactest, a Cambridge UK business whose technology detects bacteria in a range of products in double quick time, has developed a specific solution to counter beer contamination.

Brewers have been alerted to a new generation of the company’s Speedy Breedy detector that identifies the presence of wild yeasts in beer days faster than current methods.

Trials indicate that Speedy Breedy can detect the presence of wild yeasts in as little as 5.8 hours compared with sending samples to a lab which takes 3-5 days excluding transportation times.

The presence of wild yeast can indicate an uncontrolled processes or insanitary procedures that can produce a number of significant problems in beer including lower terminal gravities, incorrect alcohol content, and off flavours.

Identifying wild yeast contamination quickly means that contaminated beer is not bottled and contaminated equipment is quickly identified so that remedial action can be taken sooner avoiding spoilage of subsequent batches.

Bactest CEO Professor Annie Brooking said: “Using our new YMC media product together with Speedy Breedy enables Breweries to identify wild yeast contamination faster than traditional microbiology methods or sending samples out to a lab for analysis. Breweries that have internal labs can benefit from fast detection times delivered with Speedy Breedy.”

BACTEST is a venture backed company that launched Speedy Breedy, its first product, in 2013. Speedy Breedy is marketed as the world’s most versatile portable microbial respirometer.

Weighing just three kilos and about the size of a loaf of bread, Speedy Breedy does not require laboratory conditions or experts to interpret test results.

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