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10 April, 2017 - 10:35 By Kate Sweeney

Nelson’s Gold sails for foreign shores

Matt and Stephanie Brown

A new spirit blended from ingredients exclusively grown in East Anglia – named after Horatio Nelson and salvaging at least the memory of a lost cargo of gold – has been launched by Norfolk drinks specialist Wild Knight English Vodka for home and export markets.

To follow through on the naval tradition, owners Matt and Stephanie next plan to produce a rum collection.

The new, purely English blended spirit drink Nelson’s Gold was launched at the historic Maids Head Hotel in Norwich where Nelson was said to have had his first alcoholic tipple. Nelson’s Gold is a caramelised spirit drink crafted from Wild Knight English Vodka and caramelised East Anglian sugar beet.

Behind the name is the story of Nelson and the predecessor to his famous flagship, HMS Victory, which sank in a storm in the 18th century reportedly carrying a huge haul of gold coins believed to be worth the equivalent of £500 million at today’s prices.

The drink falls into the premium flavoured spirit drink category for which there is a growing appetite from consumers and bartenders alike, according to Tim Dunlop, UK On-Trade Manager at Hammonds of Knutsford.

Nelson’s Gold will be distributed UK-wide through Hammonds and internationally through exporting professional Peter Warren. 

Stephanie Brown said exporting was a key part of the brand’s growth plan. “Whilst it’s still very early days for us, Matt and I are very excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for showcasing honest, pure spirits to consumers worldwide.

“Wild Knight Vodka has gone down exceptionally well since its launch in February 2016 and, knowing how popular caramel is as a flavouring, we thought, why not combine the two?  

“We are working on a rum collection: light, dark and spiced. We’ll be calling it Ensign, a name we have already trademarked in readiness.”

• PHOTOGRAPH: Wild Knight English Vodka co-founders, Matt and Stephanie Brown.

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