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4 November, 2016 - 10:40 By Kate Sweeney

New blending technology demystifies wine industry

vinfusion, cambridge, cambridge consultants

Technology from a Cambridge UK design innovator is helping to end a grapes of wrath scenario for wine aficionados.

Complaints from consumers about the confusing choice of vintages on the market should prove the last of the summer whine thanks to Cambridge Consultants.

The business has devised a wine-blending experience allowing a consumer to adjust composition on demand.

Cambridge Consultants has analysed the chemical make-up of a selection of different wines and looked at what imparted the most distinctive characteristics.

This allowed the company to choose a set of four base wines and programme the Vinfusion system to deliver hundreds of different flavours.

The Vinfusion system allows a user to customise their wine using simple terms like full-bodied or light, dry or sweet. The consumer uses a simple app to make their personalised choice and learns a little more about wine along the way. Vinfusion then uses a novel flavour algorithm to blend and dispense the perfect wine.

“Blending wines to achieve a certain flavour or aroma has been around for centuries and this is at the heart of Vinfusion,” said Sajith Wimalaratne, food and beverage commercial manager at Cambridge Consultants.

“One of the challenges is understanding the complex relationship between the taste and the proportions of the blended wines. So we surveyed how consumers choose wines and ran taste tests to see how they perceived and described the flavours.”

As the name suggests, Vinfusion is a fusion of chemistry, physics, engineering and user-centred design.

Cambridge Consultants says that wine is as much a science as an art. With an overwhelming range of wines to choose from, most people stick to the few they know or simply buy on impulse.

The company wanted to make it simpler for consumers to explore new wines and make a more informed choice.

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