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19 May, 2022 - 12:09 By Tony Quested

‘We’ll quit before returning to office full time’ say workers quizzed by Citrix

NASDAQ big hitter Citrix has issued a report that flattens Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s claims that hybrid working is a failure and damaging UK productivity.

A third of workers canvassed said they would quit if bosses tried to force them back to office working full time.

According to a global survey of 6,500 workers in 10 countries conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Citrix, UK knowledge workers have fully embraced hybrid and remote working, with less than a fifth returning to working from the office on a full-time basis. 

Citrix is an American multinational cloud computing and virtualisation technology company with a major presence at Cambridge Science Park.

The largest cohort quizzed for the Citrix study – 30 per cent of workers – said they have returned to working from their office around one to two days per week. 

Of those that have returned to the office full-time, 43 per cent have done so because their employer has mandated it.

When asked how they’d prefer to work, 61 per cent opted for a hybrid model and nearly a third would leave their current positions if it wasn’t an option.

“Employees have seen the positive impact flexible work can have on everything from engagement and productivity to work-life balance, mental health and the environment,” said Mark Sweeney, regional VP, UK and Ireland, Citrix. 

“They’re looking for leaders that share that same philosophy, embracing a culture based on trust and underpinned with the right tools that empower them to work when, where, and how they work best.

“Giving employees the flexibility to match their work environment and schedules to the outcomes they are trying to deliver gives them the space to succeed, moving away from a culture of presenteeism and into a new era of employee-led trust.”

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