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27 June, 2011 - 09:44 By Tony Quested

Cambridge jobs in Plastic Logic upsurge

Plastic Logic is keeping the wraps on the nature of the new product to fill the void left by its e-reader meltdown last year

Plastic Logic has increased and accelerated a global recruitment drive ahead of its eagerly-awaited new product launch – with Cambridge in the vanguard.

The company is headhunting more than 50 people – 10 of them new positions in Cambridge. There are 17 vacancies in Dresden and more than 20 in Russia as Plastic Logic gears up for production.

It is keeping the wraps on the nature of the new product to fill the void left by its e-reader meltdown last year. Android specialists are among the specifications for new recruits.

A spokesperson told Business Weekly: “We are currently increasing our drive to recruit new employees across all four locations and this is, of course, associated with the further development, production and introduction of our new product. We are unable to give you any more precise information on our product that at the moment.”

The recruitment drive comes just seven months after Plastic Logic received $700m investment from Rusnano, the Russian Nanotechnology Corporation to develop its plastronics technology there.

The company is now headhunting a range of scientists, researchers, engineers and others in Cambridge. More modest numbers are being taken on in Silicon Valley because the R & D and production of the new product will be Europe-centric.

The new product will be manufactured in Dresden where more than 20 new hires are underway, mainly technicians and engineers. Another 20 people are being hired in Russia – mainly engineers. Russia will soon also be seeking half a dozen specialists in non-engineering roles.

While Plastic Logic missed the window of opportunity to launch its new e-reader into the market last summer, the validity of its technology cannot be undermined.

Plastic electronics technology has the potential to revolutionise the design and production of a whole range electronic devices. This technology has many economic, manufacturing, form factor and environmental benefits, assuring that it will replace silicon in a variety of devices in the future.

Plastic Logic is the leader in the development of plastronics for commercial purposes and has developed broad and deep intellectual property in the technology. It continues to actively advance the technology in its labs – including the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge – and in manufacturing facilities.

Plastic Logic’s first application of the technology makes possible an amazingly thin, lightweight, robust and flexible active matrix display that is unmatched in the marketplace. The display is at the core of Plastic Logic’s first commercial consumer electronics product, a next-generation electronic reader for business that is edging closer to market, almost certainly with full colour capability and a host of market-leading features.

Having missed its launch date for the maiden e-reader, the company is determined its new generation product will not only hit the stores market-ready but also include world-leading innovations.

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