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13 May, 2013 - 06:29 By Tony Quested

Cambridge boost for mobile broadband networks

Airspan technology in action

A transatlantic technology collaboration between Cambridge Consultants in the UK and Florida-based Airspan Networks is set to enhance speed and capacity over the transformational LTE (long term evolution) platform.

The partners have unveiled an LTE-Advanced metrocell boost for mobile broadband; 4G LTE, is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals.

Cambridge Consultants has collaborated with Airspan, a leading vendor of LTE small cells and broadband wireless products and solutions, to boost the data capacity capabilities of the US company’s heterogenous network (HetNet) base stations.

The enhancements include LTE-Advanced features that support the deployment of HetNets, allowing operators to deploy small cells on the same radio channel as macrocellular LTE networks. Integrated networks deliver better coverage and capacity to users on both the small-cell and macrocell base stations, Cambridge Consultants’ Tim Fowler said.

The latest project forms part of a wider partnership between the two companies, working on LTE to enhance the performance and extend the capabilities of Airspan's LTE products.

Airspan says its AirSynergy suite supports both 4G access technologies and its intelligent wireless backhaul technology iBridge in a single small form-factor base station.

The small-cell solution provides any time, anywhere mobile access to broadband services at much higher capacity than is possible with 3G networks, it says.

Paul Senior, CTO at Airspan said: “The small-cell market is growing rapidly and our customers are turning to us to provide platforms that help them get to market faster with ever greater degrees of differentiation.

“Cambridge Consultants has been invaluable to us in enabling us to offer a range of extra features and capabilities based on our core technology. We knew that, with a broadband wireless technology as demanding as LTE and LTE Advanced – and with very high user expectations – we required a development partner that we could truly rely on.”

Tim Fowler, who is commercial director in the wireless division of Cambridge Consultants, added: “LTE is the first cellular standard to achieve global acceptance and LTE Advanced is the next step on the road to delivering exceptional mobile broadband.

“Deploying heterogeneous macrocells and metrocells in the radio access network is now accepted as the best route to delivering higher capacity and lower operational costs for network operators. This in turn allows them to continue to expand their mobile broadband services and reach even more customers.”

Cambridge Consultants will be exhibiting its LTE work – along with other wireless projects – at CTIA in Las Vegas, May 21-23 and Critical Communications World in Paris, May 21-24.

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