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10 June, 2013 - 14:21 By Tony Quested

IoT key to life says ARM tech scout


Can technology save us from ourselves? ARM’s director of emerging technologies, Gary Atkinson, believes it is key to freeing the human race from self-induced problems.

He will detail solutions that the Internet of Things can bring about in an IoT-focused day (June 27) at the three-day Nerve disruptive technology conference in Cambridge UK from June 25-27.

Atkinson’s role with ARM is to scout the globe for new solutions in a whole range of technology areas; his talk at the Nerve congress will address the role of the Internet of Things in rescuing the planet from our worst excesses.

He says: “As a human race, we are putting tremendous pressure on ourselves and our resources as our population continues to grow and we strive for an improved way of life.

“Growing and raising food, providing clean water, addressing lifestyle induced healthcare issues – these are all big challenges that cannot be fixed with a revolutionary breakthrough.

“It is going to need lots of ‘little data’ from sensors to help us make better decisions and improve crop yields, detect water leaks and protect those with a chronic disease from an acute episode.

“The technology is now cheap enough, low power enough and small enough to address these challenges – so what can we do about it?”

Delegates will find out at Nerve. Atkinson is well placed to comment given his roving innovation brief with the company.

While he is based in Cambridge UK, he spends his time travelling the world looking for new technology that already has or may have a use for ARM-based processors in disruptive, globally scaleable and impactful applications.

He is also the chairman of the board of the Weightless SIG – a wide area wireless technology that will deliver connectivity in $2 chips that can span 10km but last 10 years on a single battery.

Application areas of interest are agriculture, water treatment and distribution, environmental monitoring and energy efficiency. He is particularly interested in how the mass deployment of low cost and low power sensors can provide the real-time data needed to improve production or energy efficiency, or automate how one machine talks to another.

UK and US thought leaders address the Internet of Things on June 27. For the whole three-day programme, themes, speakers and booking details, visit


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