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16 February, 2006 - 08:18 By Staff Reporter

Cambridge hi-tech showcase beamed direct to the mobile

Cambridge technology has helped visitors to 3GSM find their way around the Congress before they’d even stepped through the doors, writes Alan Smith.Cambridge technology has helped visitors to 3GSM find their way around the Congress before they’d even stepped through the doors, writes Alan Smith.

A showcase of innovations and services was created by Cambridge based Roundpoint and delivered direct to more than 5,000 visitors to the Congress who pre-registered to use the new mobile guide and showcase.

It innovation put all the information that visitors required to make the best of the Congress directly onto their phones, along with demonstrations of some key emerging mobile technologies.

Trevor Shonfeld, CEO of Roundpoint, which assembled the guide and whose mobile content delivery technology underpins it, said: “A mobile guide for a major event like 3GSM makes a lot of sense. Visitors in an unfamiliar environment need up to the minute information to get the best from the show.

“Roundpoint usually takes content from a single publishing source and then takes it to display on all mobile devices.

“In that respect we’re unique but this time we’ve taken the material from many sources so it’s something of a technical triumph too!’

Key to the successful adoption of the showcase has been its availability on any mobile handset, from simple WAP phones to the latest smartphones.

The guide is also a real-world demonstration of what mobile can do, showcasing new technologies like mobile mapping, mobile video, games, advanced messaging and instant delivery of mobile content.

“This is not the first mobile event guide that we have built, but it is certainly the biggest,” says Shonfeld.

The mobile publishing technology that Roundpoint uses to power guide is already well established with media owners around the world, and currently in use by flagship publications like The Times in London, the FT, The Economist, The Lancet, Nature, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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