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8 May, 2006 - 09:25 By Staff Reporter

TTP takes three new products to market

A long running partnership between two of Britain’s leading innovation companies is promising to deliver fast track technology on several fronts.A long running partnership between two of Britain’s leading innovation companies is promising to deliver fast track technology on several fronts.

Kinneir Dufort and The Technology Partnership are discussing projects with several global consumer product, FMCG and pharmaceuticals organisations.

The fast-track model developed by the duo considers consumer requirements, technology feasibility and the first draft business case in an integrated manner – and at a much earlier stage in a programme than is typically possible.

The approach not only shortens the overall programme but also transforms initial innovation ideas into tangible models and prototypes for early research and consumer assessment.

The first concepts to roll out of this innovation partnership are:-

• A personal grooming assistant

• A ‘posh’ wine box

• A ready meal concept

The Personal Grooming Assistant (PGA)

This involves development of a mobile grooming device that maintains a personal freshness or confidence and gives a sense of wellbeing while out and about.

In the year 2020 traditional distinctions between men and women are blurred. Men are taking more interest in their personal hygiene. The male grooming market booming. Routine grooming performed on the move. Men love gadgets.

By monitoring a number of indicators of your body through a sensing device the unit could then deliver a number of fluids from the disposable cartridge including: deodorant, fine fragrance, UV screen, hair product, foundation, moisturiser and breath freshener. The prototype unit was developed in two weeks using a patented TTP technology and KD’s rapid prototyping facilities.

Posh wine box

Branded Sommelier, this attempts to tackle the ingrained connotations of cheapness such a pack format normally carries. Internal dispensing technology ensures that every last drop is poured: a void between the internal bag and rigid structure is pressurized to compress the bag and force fluid out, regardless of orientation. The wine is dispensed from a nozzle at the top of the pack, which is released by a button for easy pouring upright or lying flat.

The Sommelier has the capacity to hold twice as much liquid as a standard wine bottle, but has similar dimensions, benefiting logistics, retailers and consumers as it can be stored, distributed and packed in much the same way. And, most important, it looks elegant enough to place on the dinner table!

Elements – ready meal concept

The Elements concept identifies that whilst enjoying the convenience and speed of ready-meals, consumers are preoccupied by health, nutrition, quality and taste. As a result the KD/TTP team came up with a bespoke, premiumised solution. The idea is that the consumer can select which inner modules they want from a wide range of fresh options, which can be ordered online and then collected from the supermarket.

The bespoke pack, when heated, cooks each element to perfection every time. The outer pack is made of recycled ovenproof paperboard materials so it is cool-to-the-touch and can be taken straight to the table for instant dining, effortlessly cooked and stylishly presented. A vast improvement on the ready-meals available today.

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