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12 April, 2006 - 10:03 By Staff Reporter

Azure, the revenue assurance company that spun out of BT and has its research base in Ipswich, has o

The Secretary of Public Safety of the Brazilian State of Bahia has chosen a Teltronic NEBULA TETRA System for the state’s secure communications re-quirements. The Secretary of Public Safety of the Brazilian State of Bahia has chosen a Teltronic NEBULA® TETRA System for the state’s secure communications re-quirements.

The contract includes the supply of over 2000 hand-held TETRA radios from Sepura in Cambridge.

The network will offer powerful, advanced voice and data communication services to the public safety organisations of the Brazilian north-eastern state. It will be operated and managed directly by the headquarters unit of Bahia’s Public Safety department.

Civil and scientific police forces, the military and the fire brigades will share the network which covers a vast geographic area. This territory includes the capital city Salvador, with over 3-million people, the city of Feira de Santana and the BR-30 highway, which runs between the two cities.

Bahia’s public safety organisations will use Sepura TETRA radios that will enable the users to transmit both voice and data in addition to GPS-based vehicle and hand-held terminal location data. The radios will also be used for handling incidents, statistics generation and call transfers to existing call centres.

Jens Thostrup, international sales director for Sepura said: “This success in Brazil is significant for Sepura and Teltronic. Latin America is fast adopting TETRA and as such is a strategically important market for both organisations.”

Sepura is the world’s leading independent TETRA terminal supplier. It designs, develops and supplies digital (TETRA) radios for the public safety market (such as police, fire and ambulance) as well as military, transport and utilities.

Headquartered in Camb-ridge, UK, Sepura has an international network of distributors and partners supplying organisations in over 70 countries.

Sepura offers the most comprehensive and largest international range of TETRA products. Its products are available in the widest range of TETRA frequency bands and operate on all manufacturers’ infrastructures.

Made by Siemens in Austria, Sepura’s product portfolio comprises vehicle-mounted and hand-held radios, the world’s most popular covert radios,10W mobile gateways and the most advanced programming support tool on the TETRA market today – Radio Manager.

Among the many options available with these radios are the multi award winning fully-integrated sGPS™ receiver and the most comprehensive range of air interface and End-to-End encryption algorithms.

Since 1974, Teltronic has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of radio communication equipment and systems. The main markets add-ressed by Teltronic are emergency and security forces, public transport companies, utilities, PAMR operators and other private customers.

It offers personalised customer service to attend to requirements, including customised design, special software and technical training.

Teltronic´s portfolio inc-ludes the TETRA NEBULA infrastructure, based on the Tetra over Ethernet/IP concept, a 2nd generation Tetra mobile with GPS and GSM capabilities and last generation display, TETRA handportables, desktop dispatchers unit and dispatching centres with a digital switch which allows VoIP operation as well as interfacing with other radio networks (conventional, MPT-1327, GSM) and telephone networks (ISDN, PBX, etc.).

NEBULA does not need synchronous communication means to link the base stations with the central node controllers, nor any GPS synchronisation for full TETRA operation up to Type 3 handover. NEBULA is TETRA over your corporate LAN-WAN.

• The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has selected Sepura’s SRH3500 TETRA radios to manage traffic on one of the world’s busiest commercial waterways.

The contract was won in conjunction with Beam Radio, Sepura’s distributor in Panama.

Sepura radios will form part of the authority’s state-of-the-art communication, traffic and navigation (CTAN) system.

“ACP selected this solution because the Sepura SRH3500 provides excellent audio quality, and offers a greyscale screen, which provides greater clarity in challenging light conditions, particularly bright sunshine,” says Ramon Mouynes, international TETRA sales director at Beam Radio.

“The radios will give us the reliable communications we need to maintain scheduling flexibility in the event of changing weather conditions, during lock maintenance outages, or if vessels encounter difficulties during transit, especially at locks,” he said.

The ACP provides a unique service to world commerce, and the SRH3500 will help support the ongoing evolution of the authority’s enhanced vessel traffic-management system.

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