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12 April, 2006 - 09:51 By Staff Reporter

Plextek’s triple contract success

Plextek, the East of England technology consultancy, has won a trio of new contracts worth millions.Plextek, the East of England technology consultancy, has won a trio of new contracts worth millions.

One of the most significant is a deal with SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems, one of Europe’s leading defence electronics companies specialising in world class capabilities in surveillance, protection, tracking, targeting, avionics and imaging systems.

The contract is to develop a processing and communications module as part of a larger programme to develop unattended ground sensors (UGS). The processing unit is modular to allow configuration for a wide range of applications.

Plextek has also clinched a £3m contract with TRACKER Network UK, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, for the design and supply of GPS and vehicle tracking devices.

These will be used in the latest generation of the TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery service, which uses a dedicated network of land-based radio transmitters to pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle. The new devices are smaller and of lower cost than the previous solution.

Plextek boss Colin Smithers, said “We have been working with TRACKER for 14 years now, supplying system and product design skills.

“This order represents a significant step in our growth from a design house to a niche supplier of communications devices and increases our involvement in our clients’ success.”

TRACKER has just celebrated the return of a staggering £30 million worth of vehicles to their rightful owners in 2005.

Also recovered was £3.1m worth of plant equipment, commercial vehicles worth £2.1m, caravans & motorhomes totalling £198,000 and motorcycles totalling £82,000.

Another success has seen Plextek design one of the first 1.8V Class 2 Bluetooth modules for Eleksen for use in its ElekTex™ fabric keyboard for smart phones and handheld computers.

ElekTex is used in applications ranging from wearable electronic controls for consumer electronics and industrial wear to lightweight, low-power touch interfaces for CE accessories, telematics, military, transportation and space suits.

It replaces the hard touch pads, flexi-circuits and polymer switches which have limited the growth of the wearable electronics markets.

The new module consumes less than half the power of the previous generation of Bluetooth modules, prolonging battery life and is designed to be reflowed directly onto the PCB of the host product, removing the need for a connector.

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