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23 February, 2006 - 10:13 By Staff Reporter

Pursuit on the move

Pursuit Dynamics is relocating from Royston to establish a new PDX Development Centre at the 44,000 sq ft site on Hinchingbrooke Business Park.

Imagine a supersonic shockwave technology with applications that vary from food, beverages, brewing, swap for fire suppression and decontamination.

Visualise a fluid processing solution that can homogenise, entrain, heat and pump concurrently with unequalled performance.

Now picture a system that is intrinsically safe, has no moving parts, can be cleaned in place, is reliable and optimises process operations. This is PDX®.

PDX is a pump, a mixer, a heater and a homogeniser. It can be used to transport fluids with high solids content, entrain different materials, heat ingredients or blend recipes. It is a revolution in fluids handling and processing.

The driving force behind PDX is a supersonic vapour flow and shockwave, generated using steam.

This low pressure energy wave can be used to transport material and entrain or mix multiple flows. There are no moving parts to clog or block and the unrestricted bore makes cleaning quick and easy.

Steam is introduced into a special annular “conditioning” chamber that is wrapped around the core of the PDX unit.

From here, it is injected into the pumped fluid, such as water or oil, creating momentum transfer and starting the pumping action.

With increased steam flow, the steam exit velocity becomes supersonic and starts to form a controllable shock wave.

This shockwave continues to grow and forms a low density, low pressure, supersonic velocity zone across the bore diameter, increasing energy transfer and introducing the unique capabilities

In 2005 commercialisation began in fire suppression with the execution of a global license with Tyco Fire and Building Products and also in the food and beverage industry with the building of a global distribution network and adoption by companies in the UK, mainland Europe and the Americas.

Any enquiries can be sent to info [at] or visit


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