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16 February, 2006 - 08:21 By Staff Reporter

TV just got smaller. It’s a Kino magic

Frontier Silicon, the market leader in solutions for digital radio and mobile TV, has used the Congress to launch its latest chip, Kino 2, bringing TV to smaller phones with longer battery life and lower cost.

Kino 2 is the next step in the company’s mobile TV roadmap already in use in TV enabled mobile phones from Samsung.

Frontier says Kino is the only available T-DMB receiver with the flexibility to take care of the diverse requirements of networks worldwide.

Kino 1 was the first T-DMB baseband to ship into commercially available handsets and is now successfully shipping in mass production into the Samsung B2300, which is the top selling T-DMB mobile phone in Korea.

Later this year it will be used in products for mobile TV launches in Germany, China, India and Norway.

The new chip is said to have several advantages for the mobile phone industry:-

• Kino 2 has all the advantages of Kino 1 but delivers significant improvements in size, power consumption and cost.

It slashes power consumption in half resulting in longer battery life; reduces overall system cost which will bring mobile TV into the main stream and reduces system size by more than 40 per cent, enabling mobile TV in smaller, slimmer phones.

• It is is a true multi-mode device with built in flexibility through software customisation, supporting all T-DMB variants as well as DAB and DAB-IP in a single chip. The flexibility offered by Kino 2 enables advanced features such as conditional access and data services to be implemented in software.

When combined with the multi-band capability of the Apollo silicon tuner, handset vendors can produce mobile TV featured devices that are compatible with the requirements of all T-DMB markets worldwide.

• The new chip also provides full support for DAB Digital Radio. By integrating Kino 2 into a mobile phone a manufacture is able to offer consumers a product which can be used to enjoy high quality TV and radio services.

Frontier says that Kino 2 also enables new types of products in non cellular markets, bringing mobile TV and DAB into any gadget that with a display and a speaker.

Such products could be pocket TVs, USB dongles, Personal Media Players, Notebook computers, Portable gaming devices and in-car media devices.

With Kino 2 the consumer can take their TV and radio with them.

Cambridge based Frontier is investing heavily in the market. CEO Anthony Sethillsaid: “The Kino product line is based on proven technology that has already shipped in three million digital radio products worldwide.”


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