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6 September, 2006 - 16:34 By Staff Reporter

Tristel acquires Kiwi technology

Decontamination specialist, Tristel, has acquired technology developed by its New Zealand distributor, IVC.Decontamination specialist, Tristel, has acquired technology developed by its New Zealand distributor, IVC.

Formed in 1998 and based in Snailwell, Cambridgeshire Tristel has developed environmentally friendly, fully-biodegradeable sterilisation technology, using chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is a well-documented and highly-effective biocide. Under the terms of the agreement IVC transfers to Tristel the design and patent rights to two inventions which it has created to work specifically with Tristel’s chlorine dioxide chemistry.

The inventions are a sterilising tray system which enables single use decontamination of endoscopic equipment and a hygiene work station which enables Tristel’s highly effective sporicidal chemistry to be easily applied to floors and walls in high risk wards and departments of hospitals.

IVC has funded the design and development process to date and transfers the intellectual property created in return for unspecified future royalties.

Paul Swinney, chief executive of Tristel, said: “Outside of the most advanced healthcare markets, where endoscopes are mainly processed in sophisticated and costly automated machines, the majority of endoscopes are disinfected in basic trays and sinks. These can only hold disinfectant liquids that have to be used repeatedly for many instruments over a period of many hours or even days.

“The Tristel tray system, combined with Tristel’s novel burstable sachet, Tristel Fusion, enables the disinfectant to be used once and to be dedicated to one instrument only. This achieves one of the key features of the most sophisticated endoscope rep-rocessing machines at a fraction of their cost, and will help Tristel penetrate many overseas markets with its chlorine dioxide disinfectants.”

Tristel’s technology is now the most widely used sterilant in UK hospitals.

Chlorine dioxide is a broad-spectrum biocide with the advantage that bacteria, fungi and viruses do not build up a natural resistance to it.

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