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17 May, 2022 - 21:28 By Tony Quested

Arm-in arm with Microsoft to transform server ecosystems

Cambridge superchip architect Arm has revealed some significant milestones for its SystemReady compliance certification program which is helping to transform global compute by triggering a game-changing server ecosystem. Microsoft is playing a major part in the early rollout of the technology.

SystemReady provides a formal set of compute platform definitions to cover a range of systems from the cloud to IoT and edge, helping software ‘just work’ seamlessly across a vibrant, diverse ecosystem of Arm-based hardware. 

The latest developments include  some exciting ‘firsts’ in the Arm-based server and virtual machine space.

The Microsoft Azure Ampere Altra Arm-based server has achieved SystemReady SR certification – the first cloud solution provider server to do so.

The Azure Virtual Machines series featuring Ampere Altra Arm-based processors are the first virtual systems to be certified under the new SystemReady Virtual Environment certification. And the SystemReady program has reached over 50 certifications since its launch only 18 months ago, demonstrating what the company calls “tremendous momentum.”

Andy Rose, chief system architect and fellow at Arm says: “The data centre market is a thriving and innovative one but to continue to scale the industry needs to tackle issues around fragmentation – finding the right balance between standardisation where it makes sense and differentiation where it matters. Arm introduced the SystemReady program in 2020 to address these challenges, supported by a broad set of partners from across the ecosystem. 

“Microsoft has been a strong supporter and collaborator on SystemReady since its inception and these new certifications not only illustrate the company’s leadership in driving standards but also pave the way for more industry players to embrace the SystemReady approach and ultimately benefit from it.

“It’s been an exciting 18 months for the SystemReady program and we look forward to many more close collaborations as we continue to work with partners to drive the right kind of standardisation across the industry.”

Arun Kishan, Technical Fellow and Corporate VP at Microsoft, said his company was delighted at the rapid rate of progress for SystemReady. At its core, the Arm SystemReady compliance certif-ication program preserves the investments that we and customers make in our software stacks.

“For Microsoft Azure, the SystemReady platform certification means we can easily move from one generation to another. For customers, the SystemReady Virtual Environment certification means that their software investments are preserved across multiple VM generations as well. Arm’s SystemReady compliance program is an essential component of building an innovative and evolving server ecosystem.”

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