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9 November, 2017 - 11:06 By Tony Quested

Bango opens up Egyptian market but it’s not pyramid selling

Cambridge FinTech pharaoh Bango has expanded its operations in North Africa – opening up app store carrier billing through a new partnership.

The UK and global market leader in mobile payments technology has tied the knot with Victory Link in Egypt. As a result, Bango app store and merchant partners can launch carrier billing across all three Egyptian mobile operators.

Egypt has 90 million plus connected mobile devices and a SIM penetration of over 100 per cent, of which 89 per cent are pre-paid users. 

Android is the operating system of choice, claiming over 85 per cent of the mobile base. This sizeable market is now available for Bango app store partners to further expand their carrier billing coverage into the Middle East and North Africa.

Bango now offers one-click carrier billing in compliance with local market regulations, enabling millions of consumers in Egypt to buy from their favourite app stores, charging the cost to their pre or post-paid mobile phone bill. 

For the first time, Egyptian operators can use carrier billing in app stores, enabled by the Bango platform.

Engy ElSabban, CEO at Victory Link said: “This partnership gives Egyptian consumers an inclusive payment method to access the full range of content and services available from the world’s leading online stores and merchants, who have standardised on the Bango platform to offer payment on a global scale.”

Bango CEO Ray Anderson (pictured) added: “The Bango Platform is used by the world’s leading online stores and merchants to offer alternate payments to their customers worldwide.

“This relationship with Victory Link means Bango can support its app store partners growth ambitions, opening-up more market first territories to expand their carrier billing footprint.”

Bango’s technology is unlocking the world of apps, video, music, games and other content that brings smartphones to life. Global stores plugging into the Bango platform include NASDAQ giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft plus Korean mega-player, Samsung.

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