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15 February, 2019 - 11:14 By Tony Quested

Cambridge CEO steps up EU fight for ethical AI policy

The CEO of Cambridge-based OKRA Technologies, Dr Loubna Bouarfa, was a key player at a high-level specialist group shaping EU policy on developing ethical AI.

The group gathered as part of the 2019 EU Industry Days programme in Brussels, organised by the European Commission.

The annual event brought together more than 1500 influencers from across Europe and beyond, including leaders representing industry, trades union, national and regional authorities, and civil society. 

As previously reported in Business Weekly, the group serves to engage all relevant stakeholders ahead of the spring European Council and is a key influencer for EU industrial policy strategy.

Dr Bouarfa was part of a panel addressing the state of EU policy and ethics in relation to the challenges faced by industry in the next 10 years, such as maintaining a skilled workforce, managing automated jobs and scaling the use of AI.

Dr Bouarfa said: “Discussions like these will define what kind of artificial intelligence we will be developing in Europe, to maximise the benefits for EU citizens and implement AI systems at scale.”

Dr Bouarfa  added: “Our focus should be less on technical details, because the technology is constantly evolving, and more on supporting the bigger vision for Europe.”

EU Industry Days 2019 focus on key industrial challenges such as sustainability, digitalisation, investment and globalisation. Between January and March local and open doors’ events are taking place around Europe.
OKRA has also been instrumental in the prestigious Ditchley Foundation‘s future outlook.

Founded in 1958 to address global challenges, The Ditchley Foundation has been working with governments to turn conversations into policy recommendations and ultimately new law and regulation.

Dr Bouarfa recently shared her views on the rise of artificial intelligence at an event hosted by the foundation. She said: “The Ditchley Foundation presented a unique opportunity to connect with people across multiple areas of expertise. Collaboration is crucial when faced with difficult topics, and these discussions promise to challenge and inspire new ideas.”

OKRA Technologies is an artificial intelligence company for healthcare, based at St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge. 

It uses AI-powered analytics to save and improve human lives – driving health and market outcomes where they matter most. The OKRA platform has already generated over a million answers and predictions. 

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