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6 November, 2017 - 16:28 By Kate Sweeney

Cambridge hosts mixed reality hackathon

Allia mixed reality hackathon

Hackers are being challenged to find novel uses for mixed reality technology, including potential medical applications, at a Cambridge hackathon on November 18 and 19.

Allia’s Serious Impact programme is dangling attractive cash prizes for the best mixed reality solutions created at its >sudo : immerse weekend. 

Participants in the hackathon will be asked to deploy leading mixed reality (MR), augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tech. Mixed reality is an exciting emerging technology which overlays a virtual world onto the real one. Made popular by games such as Pokémon Go, mixed reality offers countless opportunities to make real impact to people’s lives. From learning to perform CPR properly to identifying the right medications to fill a prescription in a pharmacy, mixed reality will lead to real impact on how we interact with technology in the future.

>sudo : immerse is an opportunity to try out this technology first hand, and come up with solutions which can make a positive impact for people, planet or place, says Allia.

Participants will be grouped into multi-disciplinary teams on arrival and given the chance to use a range of mixed reality equipment with the aim of solving a challenge, revealed at the beginning of the weekend. 

Teams will be supported by experts in the field to help steer ideas and solidify business cases and on the Sunday, hacks will be put to the test. Each solution – be it a live demo, prototype or well-argued business case – will be presented in front of a panel of expert judges on the Sunday afternoon for the chance to be crowned >sudo : immerse challenge winner!

Held at the Real VNC offices in Cambridge, the event is to be supported by world leading tech players with big prizes to be won.

The previous Serious Impact Challenge was a hackathon in June, which challenged teams to hack the Internet of Things. A £500 prize went to the winners, who built an IoT solution to identify on street parking using crowdsourced data, easing congestion in cities such as Cambridge.

Allia’s Serious Impact supports aspiring entrepreneurs. These sudo challenge weekends aren’t just a chance to form new peer groups among tech leaders in sectors such as smart-cities, agri-tech, clean-tech, and health.

Participants will also become immersed in identifying impact solutions to a pressing social or environmental challenge that could find an immediate route to market.

“The weekend challenges are designed to stimulate discussion around key impact challenges, facilitating creative thinking, collaboration and innovation,” says Paul Hughes, director of enterprise support at Allia.

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