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12 June, 2018 - 09:34 By Kate Sweeney

Cambridge Wireless launches new Business SIG

Cambridge Wireless (CW) has launched a new Special Interest Group designed to deliver business growth by providing a forum to discuss issues such as seeking investment, taking a product to market, growing g rapidly but sustainably and starting and managing stakeholder relationships.

The Business SIG will harness expertise from across the sector to nurture the most fundamental goal of any business: how to make the money.

The champions behind the enterprise include Ann Fisher, co-founder of Bailey Fisher Executive Search, Mike Price, chair and owner of MPA Group and Soraya Jones, director of communications and partnership of Invested Investor and former CW CEO.

Ann Fisher said: “Our ambition is to become a supportive, trusted forum for those facing core business challenges, whether that’s managing a startup, deciding investment strategies or scaling a business in the wireless industry. 

“There is a huge amount of knowledge and expertise within the CW membership and the Business SIG will draw on this, putting on unique events that empower businesses seeking growth.” 

The first Business SIG event will take place on Wednesday 18 July at the Bradfield Centre, Cambridge. 

‘Seeking Investment and Funding to Grow your Business: Sharing Stories Together’ boasts a prestigious list of speakers that includes notable investors, such as Peter Cowley, chairman of Cambridge Angels, and successful entrepreneurs, such as Rhodri Thomas, CEO of Spectral Edge and formerly a co-founder of Swiftkey, a hugely successful organisation acquired by Microsoft in 2016. 

Attendees will discover the funding options available to startups and scale-ups, the best approaches to evaluate which option suits their business vision and critical learnings from those who have already trodden a similar path.

CW CEO Robert Driver says: “Guided by our team of almost 80 SIG Champions, CW offers an impartial venue for professionals to network with their peers and get a handle on the big issues of the day. 

“The launch of this new Business SIG demonstrates our commitment to being the go-to source of expertise within the wireless community, supporting the developmental needs of all our members, two-thirds of whom are startups or scale-ups. With over 50 events a year and an average satisfaction score of 94 per cent, CW is clearly delivering on this mission.”

The CW Business SIG anticipates organising two events per calendar year. See

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