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9 March, 2016 - 10:57 By Tony Quested

Darktrace ‘digital antibodies’ allow machines to fight off cyber attacks

Cambridge cyber security pioneer Darktrace has invented digital antibodies that enable a machine to automatically fight off cyber attacks on a network’s immune system.

Up to now the UK company has helped governments and corporations identify areas of their systems vulnerable to attack and alert them to raids. Now it has taken the enterprise immunity technology a vital stage further with a new product called Antigena that enables networks to self-defend.

Darktrace is the first company in the world to arm the defenders with proven machine learning and mathematics that work without any prior knowledge of attacks, rules or signatures.

Darktrace hails Antigena as a key weapon in a new cyber world war where machines fight machines and sophisticated attackers are mobilised. 
With Antigena, Darktrace now spots and inoculates against unknown threats, as they germinate within organisations in real time.

Nicole Eagan (pictured), CEO, Darktrace said: “The battlefield is the corporate network – we cannot fight the battle on the border anymore. We are living through a new era of threat which is relentless and pernicious – and it’s inside our networks now. Today, we have arrived at new detection that reacts faster than any security team can.” 

With over 200 customers and 20 global locations, Darktrace is the fastest growing cyber company in the world and recognised by the World Economic Forum. Its technology is powered by unrivalled machine learning developed by renowned mathematicians within Cambridge University.

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