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ARM Innovation Hub
7 November, 2017 - 11:46 By Tony Quested

Darktrace answers Capitol Hill SOS on industrial sabotage

Darktrace director of technology Andrew Tsonchev

Cambridge cyber defence pioneer Darktrace has responded to twin alarms from the US government and EU by launching a specialist division to deal with threats of industrial espionage.

Darktrace Industrial will specifically identify emerging and existing compromises on industrial systems and critical infrastructure networks.
Andrew Tsonchev has been unveiled as director of technology at Darktrace Industrial. The launch signals a four-year investment by Darktrace in the Industrial Immune System – the world’s first and only proven machine learning technology capable of detecting emerging attacks on OT environments.

Tsonchev said that threats to critical infrastructure are garnering increasing worldwide attention. Recently, the US government issued a rare public warning that sophisticated threat actors are targeting energy and industrial firms.

Also, the European Union Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive introduced security requirements as legal obligations for operators providing essential services including industrial automation control systems and connected devices.

The Darktrace Industrial Immune System can detect silent and subtle attacks on control systems with new capabilities including:-

  • New mathematical techniques focused on detecting low and slow attacks
  • Powerful ways to analyse and visualise ICS zone structures
  • Improved detection of compliance breaches within OT environments
  • Expanded support for legacy industrial systems and non-traditional IT, such as IoT

Andrew Tsonchev (pictured above) said: “With increased digitisation and the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things, the need for cyber security within operational environments has never been higher. 

“Darktrace has a four-year investment in the Industrial Immune System, the world’s first and only proven machine learning technology capable of detecting emerging attacks on OT environments, including ‘low and slow’ attacks, and ‘unknown unknowns’. 

“Darktrace Industrial will enable the accelerated adoption of this pioneering technology, which already defends some of the world’s most complex industrial control environments from nuclear plants to power grids.”

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