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21 November, 2018 - 12:24 By Kate Sweeney

Darktrace protects Canadian energy client

Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defence from its Cambridge UK and other global bases, has won a new client in the energy world.

Energy+, a leading energy provider in Ontario, Canada, has deployed the company’s Industrial Immune System to defend its physical and digital systems.

With Darktrace’s immune system technology working across the organisation’s entire digital infrastructure, Energy+ now has the unparalleled ability to defend against the full range of modern threats, no matter where they emerge.

Founded in 1906, Energy+ has a long history of providing reliable energy to citizens and businesses in Cambridge, Ontario, the Township of North Dumfries, and the County of Brant.

After realising the power of cyber AI to defend its corporate systems, Energy+ now runs Darktrace across its entire infrastructure to also safeguard critical industrial control systems.

Paul Martinello, vice-president of Information Technology at Energy+, said: “With attacks on critical infrastructure increasing around the world we knew we needed to do more to protect our organisation.

“Darktrace’s AI enables us to feel confident that if our corporate or industrial systems were targeted by a sophisticated threat actor, we would be alerted at the earliest stages and be able to respond before damage was done.

“Prior to Darktrace, we had limited insight into our industrial environment, but now we have total visibility of our SCADA systems. There’s truly nothing else on the market like Darktrace.”

The Industrial Immune System leverages advanced AI to learn the ‘pattern of life’ of every user, device, and controller. With this evolving understanding, Darktrace Industrial can spot advanced cyber-campaigns, misconfigurations, and latent vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed and undetected by legacy security tools.

Andrew Tsonchev, director of technology, Darktrace Industrial, commented: “Legacy security tools fail to detect the stealthy reconnaissance missions and targeted attacks used to successfully target ICSs.

“Cyber AI is transforming how we defend our national critical infrastructure. By deploying Darktrace Industrial, organiaations like Energy+ are now capable of detecting stealthy cyber-campaigns across extensive power grids and utility systems, and stopping in-progress threats to avert a crisis.”

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