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12 May, 2022 - 21:48 By Tony Quested

DataQube strengthens US foothold with LCS tie-up

DataQube Global, a developer of a breakthrough podular edge data centre solution, has obtained exclusive rights to market products of LiquidCool Solutions, Inc. (LCS) in various markets around the globe.

DataQube has also agreed to make an unspecified investment in LCS, which operates out of Rochester in Minnesota.

The agreement covers LCS’ ZPServer™ and also the newly launched miniNODE™, a next generation harsh environment sealed cooling solution technology solution, developed using eco-friendly dielectric fluids.

The technology is intended for mission critical infrastructures where reliability, low maintenance and equipment longevity are key. 

DataQube Global is planning to deploy LCS’s miniNODE™ across its portfolio of edge data centre solutions by the end of 2022 to help clients deploy edge technology.

Incorporating LCS’ immersive cooling technology into the design architecture of DataQube Global’s edge data centre products delivers a range of operational and performance advantages. These include low maintenance, reduced downtime and extended component shelf life, LCS’ novel miniNODE™ cooling solution, along with its ability to deliver 1400 times more cooling power than air. 

The LCS technology fully supports DataQube in its mission to deploy edge data centre systems that are eco-friendly. Unlike other solutions, DataQube Global’s unique person-free layout reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 50 per cent as the energy transfer is primarily dedicated to powering computers.  

Exploiting next generation cooling technologies such as those developed by LCS offers the potential to reduce these figures further.

“We have already secured a major deal in the US to augment our presence in North America,” says David Keegan, group CEO of DataQube Global. 

“Investing into LiquidCool Solutions cements our position as a serious player in the data centre industry and a force to be reconciled with.”

Ken Krei, CEO of LiquidCool Solutions, added: “We are extremely happy to formalise our relationship with DataQube Global. Their rapidly expanding presence in edge computing and harsh environment markets provides LCS new opportunities and complements the growth plans of DataQube. 

“The relationship with DataQube is a key element for introducing our patented chassis-based single-phase immersion technology to the burgeoning Edge and Data Centre markets.”

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