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3 October, 2018 - 12:34 By Tony Quested

Featurespace brings home the bacon for Danske Bank

Danske Bank, the largest bank in Denmark and leader in the northern European financial markets, is using fraud-busting Cambridge technology to bolster its security.

It is using  Featurespace’s ARIC™ Fraud Hub. Following an extensive research process and comprehensive evaluation of multiple vendors, Featurespace  was chosen as the best solution to mitigate card fraud at the customer level in real time and across all channels, while also giving customers the best experience by reducing the number of false positives.

Featurespace CEO Martina King said: “Mitigating fraud is incredibly challenging because the threat keeps evolving. A real-time adaptive system highlights new attacks at the time they occur, which protects the bank and its customers.”

The ARIC Fraud Hub – deployed in some of the world’s largest banks, payment processors and merchant acquirers – uses machine learning to build and monitor individual behavioural profiles in real time to detect anomalies and prevent fraud across all payment methods and channels.

• PHOTOGRAPH: Featurespace CEO Martina King / Getty Images

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