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ARM Innovation Hub
27 February, 2022 - 12:51 By Tony Quested

IBM invests in Quantinuum and opens up fresh ML tech horizons

Machine Learning specialist Quantinuum – forging fresh frontiers for quantum computing – has agreed another globally significant alliance, this time with US giant IBM which has also invested in the Cambridge-based business.

The partners are to expand the IBM Quantum Hub with Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited. This will provide clients with greater access to New York headquartered IBM’s quantum computing systems.

The portfolio opened up through the collaboration includes IBM’s recently announced 127 qubit processor, ‘Eagle,’ as well as to IBM’s quantum expertise and Qiskit, to drive and develop the quantum ecosystem. 

The $57 billion turnover IBM’s unspecified investment in Quantinuum was facilitated by IBM Ventures, Business Weekly can report.

Quantinuum CEO Ilyas Khan said: “We are excited to expand access to IBM Quantum hardware and Qiskit, providing our clients with solutions developed for state-of-the-art quantum computing hardware.

“We continue to utilise a broad range of quantum processors including IBM, given their position as a leader in superconducting quantum computers, a critical and important part of the growth in the capabilities of quantum computers.

“IBM has been a great advocate for the creation of a growing quantum ecosystem as well as an early investor in Cambridge Quantum and now Quantinuum. We look forward to opening up a wide range of possibilities to further advance quantum computing industry applications.”

Quantinuum is a result of the combination of two leaders in the global eco-system for quantum computing: Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum. 

This new investment and business collaboration provides an example of how Quantinuum is poised to accelerate the development of quantum computing and innovation of quantum technologies to deliver real-world quantum-enabled solutions for some of the most intractable problems that classical computers have not been able to solve.

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