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14 June, 2017 - 23:23 By Kate Sweeney

Image enhancing technology wows Washington

Spectral Edge Eyeteq Phusion

A new generation technology for colour blind viewers was unveiled by Cambridge innovator Spectral Edge at a major event in Washington DC this week.

The company unveiled and demonstrated the new 4k Ultra HD version of its Eyeteq content accessibility technology at the M-Enabling Summit.

The latest version of Eyeteq is able to deliver greater accessibility to Ultra HD content for the estimated five per cent of the world’s population that suffer from colour-blindness.

Amongst the content shown was sports footage enhanced with Eyeteq to make it more accessible to colour-blind viewers, who often cannot differentiate between opposing teams when watching matches.

In a separate promotion at the expo, Spectral Edge’s Matthew Terrell spoke alongside representatives from Comcast, Amazon Lab 126 and Yahoo, on accessible media on the internet.

Based on the company’s patented Phusion technology, Eyeteq transforms colours on TV screens, tablets or smartphones to enable those with colour vision deficiency (CVD) to see what they otherwise cannot, while viewers without CVD are not impacted.

Pay TV service providers can now deliver a dramatically improved experience to colour-blind subscribers in order to differentiate themselves, reduce churn and win new customers.

Originally founded within the Colour and Vision Group (part of the School of Computing Sciences at University of East Anglia), the company was spun off in 2014 to exploit its research into image fusion and colour perception technologies for a range of applications on computer electronic devices. These include computational photography on smartphones, multispectral vision and content enhancement for OTT streaming video services.

Spectral Edge’s engineering team, who collectively have over 100 years’ experience in imaging R & D, are developing a portfolio of image enhancing IP products based on Phusion.

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