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16 May, 2019 - 10:59 By Tony Quested

IQGeo platform transforms geospatial technology

IQGeo iPad city scene utilities

IQGeo in Cambridge, which provides productivity and collaboration software, is launching a new geospatial platform that offers network infrastructure providers an exciting new and alternative approach to legacy GIS.

The company says the technology will transform operations, improve data quality, reduce costs and streamline processes. 

IQGeo’s nextgen platform takes a reality-centric approach that has been specifically designed for infrastructure companies, providing a near real time network view and closing the data gap between the field and the office. 

Using a mobile first architecture that supports any mobile device, IQGeo’s solution uses open applications that model the reality of a distributed, smart network with much simpler graphical representations.

This reality-centric approach replaces the legacy cartography-centric approach used by traditional GIS vendors. 

Built to create and maintain paper maps of network assets, the legacy GIS approach hasn’t fundamentally changed for 30 years. 

Yet telecoms and utility companies today are managing extremely complex network environments, with millions of assets across miles of networks with hundreds of field service professionals constantly maintaining equipment and expanding infrastructure. 

Representing a complex infrastructure network on paper in a 2D, non-interactive way, is a huge challenge to creating a timely and accurate network asset view which impedes staff from making rapid and informed operational decisions.

The IQGeo solution streamlines the network asset maintenance process and removes inherent legacy GIS update bottlenecks. Authorised staff, not just GIS experts, can now update network assets on any device, from anywhere.
The result is a near real time, end-to-end view of operational realities across the enterprise. A reality-centric approach is fundamental to achieving true digital transformation strategy, putting staff in direct control of the network assets.

Peter Batty, CTO at IQGeo, said: “Many network infrastructure providers are facing a big decision as legacy GIS vendors force major upgrades that are extremely expensive and disrupting, with very little business or technical benefit. 

“Sticking with a legacy GIS strategy is looking increasing risky. Despite the heroic efforts of individuals across different departments, we’ve seen how our customers are being let down by GIS technology. 

“Data quality is shockingly poor and siloed applications hamper data exchange. The cartography-centric approach is broken. This is why IQGeo made the decision to launch our own end-to-end geospatial platform built to meet the specific needs of network infrastructure companies.

“We’re offering a different approach that delivers much greater productivity and collaboration.” 

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