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15 May, 2018 - 10:01 By Tony Quested leads AI industry towards promised land

The global AI revolution has just shot way ahead of the curve thanks to – a Business Weekly Killer50 company and reigning Startup of the Year – following a high-powered launch in California.

The Cambridge company unveiled VUKU, a platform that takes Artificial Intelligence beyond games and pattern recognition, in Palo Alto.

VUKU deploys novel AI technologies for autonomous, adaptive and data efficient decision making in complex, dynamic and uncertain environments – such as financial portfolio management, logistics, ride sharing, port management and autonomous systems.

It merges three distinct areas of mathematics – probabilistic modelling, reinforcement learning and multi-agent systems into one platform.

Probabalistic modelling techniques allow enterprises to build data-efficient and dynamic forecasting models of their environments.

Reinforcement learning allows agents to learn and make sequential and strategic decisions within these dynamic models; multi-agent systems enable agents – up to billions – to co-ordinate and optimise decisions in complex environments but at scale.

Vishal Chatrath (pictured), co-founder and CEO of said: “We believe this launch marks a milestone for Machine Learning technology and the AI industry.

“With the launch of the VUKU platform, is advancing AI to applications beyond games and pattern recognition. AI for decision making enables enterprises across industries to operate more efficiently and to grow their businesses by increasing margins.

“We are convinced that AI enhanced decision making will drive the world economy by 2025 and our patent-pending platform is best positioned to lead the charge.”

The VUKU APIs allow enterprises to input data from their environments into the two primary components of the platform – a learning system and a decision making system. The learning system provides technologies that continually learn models of the environment and policies that guide decisions.

The decision making system includes technologies that can implement optimal decisions across multiple policies or strategies.

VUKU has been designed and developed for enterprise use: It is hosted on industry-leading cloud infrastructure with best-in-class scalability, availability, reliability and security. has grown rapidly since foundation and has significant operations in Cambridge, Palo Alto and Singapore. It is currently recruiting for multiple roles across its offices.

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