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10 September, 2020 - 14:49 By Tony Quested

Speechmatics and Nuix transform speech recognition technology

A new and powerful union between Cambridge UK-based Speechmatics and global software innovator Nuix promises to accelerate historic speech recognition capability to businesses worldwide.

Nuix creates software that transforms data into actionable intelligence. Individually the partners are market leaders; together they are dynamite.

Speechmatics and Nuix will now bring highly accurate, secure speech recognition technology to businesses through an unprecedented end-to-end software solution. 

The practice of eDiscovery is a vital part of any organisations’ legal process. Nuix offers end-to-end eDiscovery technology from processing data using Nuix Workstation to the review and presentation of evidence with Nuix Discover®. 

Within this single platform, organisations can process, assess, review and action data quickly and accurately at scale. With digital communication on the rise there are increasing amounts of voice data for businesses to collect and action. 

With Speechmatics, on-premises customers can use Nuix Workstation to process audio and promote that data to Nuix Discover either on-premises or to Nuix Discover SaaS.

Speech recognition technology is essential to converting unstructured voice data into text, enabling analysis and actionable insights of data. Historically, voice data has been time-consuming and expensive to review for an investigation due to the format of audio or video files. 

It is no longer an excuse to not provide a full 360-degree of an event or incident due to the accuracy and speed of automatic speech recognition technology. 

Adding Speechmatics’ transcription to the Nuix Technology Partner program, helps organisations streamline the data collection process, mitigates risks, speeds up resolutions and keeps data secure through on-premises deployments.

“We are excited to include Speechmatics as part of our growing partner ecosystem. Relationships like these allow us to collaborate, innovate, and drive customer success with more powerful solutions,” said Chris Pogue, head of partner connect at Nuix.

“Leveraging Speechmatics' any-context speech recognition technology brings more data from over 30 languages into Nuix's powerful platform for investigation, litigation, and regulatory use cases.”

Tom Rimmer, senior executive at Speechmatics, added: “Combined with Nuix's broad support for difficult data types, human-generated data, powerful analytics and fast document review, we continue to transform the market by co-creating increasingly valuable solutions with our partners.

“As part of any review, the need to sift through large volumes of data quickly to identify the key aspects of the case is imperative, voice file types have been a challenging data source but the combination of Nuix and Speechmatics delivers this.

“Only in the last few years has speech-to-text technology truly become accurate enough for businesses to utilise as part of their corporate governance strategies. 

“It is essential that the review process of any investigation is accurate but fast. Partnering with Nuix has enabled us to offer our leading speech recognition technology to elevate the task of voice data review and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with the leading provider of eDiscovery software to help extract the truth from businesses voice data.”

Speechmatics leads the market as an any-context speech recognition engine for companies to rapidly build innovative applications.

The UK Government, Deloitte, Vonage, Veritone and Adobe use Speechmatics in scenarios such as contact centres, CRM, consumer electronics, security, media & entertainment and software. Speechmatics processes millions of hours of transcription worldwide every month.

Analysts have recognised Speechmatics as a pioneer in machine learning voice engineering. It enables companies to build applications that detect and transcribe voice in any context in real-time.

Its neural networks consider acoustics, languages, dialects, multiple speakers, punctuation, capitalisation, context and implicit meanings. In 2019 Speechmatics received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation. Its offices are based in Cambridge UK, Denver in the US, Chennai, India and Brno, Czech Republic. 

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