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12 August, 2020 - 16:49 By Tony Quested

Speechmatics finds a voice with US power player

Speech recognition technology from Speechmatics in Cambridge UK is being leveraged by a NASDAQ-quote US technology gamechanger.

California business Veritone, Inc. is deploying Speechmatics technology to provide customers with strict security requirements to turn unstructured voice data into actionable insights which were previously inaccessible. 

Veritone created the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE™ and now offers secure transcription capability as a cognitive service within Veritone’s aiWARETM operating system for AI.

Speechmatics’ award winning technology enables Veritone Organizations and enterprises around the world to automate their processes and workflows to streamline business operations and accelerate business growth.

The aiWARETM operating system is the first solution on the market to offer hundreds of cognitive services in one place. The system surfaces valuable insights from high volumes of structured and unstructured data at scale.

Speech recognition technology is essential to converting unstructured voice data into text to then enable analysis and actionable insights of data. By creating valuable insights from voice data, customers can make better data-driven decisions, improve efficiency, surface new opportunities and manage compliance risks.

Whether it is in real-time or through post-processing of archived voice data, the combination of aiWARETM and Speechmatics produces searchable, actionable data that can be surfaced quickly and at scale, decreasing overall operational costs, boosting quality of service and increasing the bottom-line for organisations.

Jon Gacek for Veritone said: “Automatic speech recognition technology adds tremendous value to aiWARE™ and the applications built upon it, taking unstructured voice data and turning it into actionable insights and data.

“With technology from innovators like Speechmatics available as a cognitive service within aiWARE™, we are giving our customers access to highly accurate speech-to-text, and high quality, real-time transcription functionality.”

Jeff Palmer, VP at Speechmatics, added: “Only in the last few years has speech-to-text technology become accurate enough for businesses to truly utilise, incorporate it as part of their business workflows and deliver material benefits.

“Speechmatics is the most accurate, any-context speech recognition engine on the market, whilst also offering a broad range of languages and the secure, on-premises deployments that are essential for our customer’s needs.

“Veritone offers the most comprehensive operating system for AI in the market so naturally we are thrilled to be partnering with them. Veritone’s FedRAMP Authority To Operate means we are able to operate fully across both Veritone’s US federal government and worldwide commercial customer base securely and accurately as a cognitive application.” 

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