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ARM Innovation Hub
12 February, 2019 - 12:31 By Tony Quested

Student entrepreneurs consult the Oracle – Grapeshot founder John Snyder

Serial entrepreneur and angel investor John Snyder, who has just sold Grapeshot to Oracle, shares some nuggets about building business with Cambridge University entrepreneurs tonight.

He joins Heather Richards of cognitive knowledge solutions company Transversal at the Enterprise Tuesday session under the banner of ‘Creating Value while Protecting IP.’

Shaun Grady, Vice-President Business Development Operations with AstraZeneca, chairs the session at Cambridge Judge Business School starting 6pm tonight.

In a knowledge-based economic environment where companies increasingly compete on innovation, the ability to understand, leverage and protect intellectual assets is hugely important to the health and successful development of a business enterprise. It can establish market advantage, improve financial performance and enhance overall competitiveness.

What are your tangible and intangible assets? What should you be protecting? How do you manage your IP and not let it get in the way of business relationships? How can creating an IP-centred culture impact on the market value of your business?

Tonight’s panellists bring their knowledge, experiences and views of managing IP from different company perspectives, industry sectors and backgrounds.

Free to attend, the format consists of a lecture following by an hour of networking. Find out more about future guest speakers and topics.

To register for the event visit the CJBS Enterprise Tuesday event page.

About the panellists

John Snyder was CEO and co-founder of Grapeshot until its sale to US giant Oracle. He built Grapeshot into a global leader in contextual intelligence with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, New York, London, Cambridge, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Sydney. 

Heather Richards  has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, having worked in both the US and UK. Throughout her career she has excelled in marketing, sales, consultancy and management, proving herself to be a strong, insightful leader.

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