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10 October, 2019 - 12:59 By Tony Quested

UltraSoC expands technology suite and wins big in Japan

Cambridge tech company UltraSoC has strengthened its proposition in the cyber security space and scored a major success with a Japanese autonomous vehicle business.

It has unveiled next-generation hardware-based cybersecurity products that can be used to detect, block and record cyber attacks in a broad range of applications – from vehicles and factory robots to consumer devices.

These new offerings embed advanced real-time cybersecurity features in the systems-on-chip (SoCs) that power and control every modern product.

The first product in the range, the UltraSoC Bus Sentinel, allows SoC designers to control access to sensitive areas of their devices, instantaneously detect and block suspicious transactions, and build a long-term profile of system operation to secure against current and future cyber threats.

UltraSoC’s security solutions allow designers to incorporate an independent internal monitoring system into their chips. 

This continuously checks that the device is operating as expected, detecting anomalous behaviour that might indicate a security breach. Because it is embedded in the hardware, it can respond in real time (in microseconds rather than the milliseconds required by traditional threat mitigation measures), is very hard to subvert or circumvent, and can even block zero-day type attacks that the chip’s designers have not anticipated. 

It can also be used to trigger actions that prevent propagation and provide a forensic black box record of events.

UltraSoC chairman Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, said: “In an age of autonomous vehicles, ubiquitous connectivity and increasing dependence on technology, cybersecurity is one of the top challenges for technologists. 

“We feel that we have a truly unique solution to these problems: which is why more and more customers are turning to UltraSoC to ensure that their products function safely, securely, and exactly as they were designed to do.”

Endorsement for the Cambridge company’s technology came as its embedded analytics technologies were chosen by Japanese business NSITEXE, Inc. – a subsidiary of DENSO Corporation, the global automotive components manufacturer.

It will be used to monitor performance and improve quality and reliability, particularly in future autonomous vehicle designs.

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