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17 September, 2020 - 10:34 By Tony Quested

VividQ collaborates with Arm to power holographic display on mobile devices

VividQ is collaborating with Arm to further enable the integration of holographic display into AR wearables. 

With Arm’s support and expertise, the startup has been working to make VividQ software compatible with mobile devices with Mali GPUs.

Holographic display addresses one of the major considerations why consumer AR has not yet kicked on: the need for realistic depth perception. The natural depth of field in AR can be achieved with Computer-Generated Holography (CGH) powered by VividQ software, which is the method of creating holograms digitally. 

Each hologram is encoded with all the necessary information required to display a three-dimensional scene, with depth, to the viewer.

In the past, the high compute requirement for CGH meant that holographic display was not a viable technology for consumer electronics. VividQ’s software overcomes the computational challenges traditionally associated with CGH and allows for real-time generation of holograms on commercially available GPUs. 

The partnership with Arm means that holographic display is now enabled on mobile devices thanks to VividQ software’s compatibility with Arm Mali GPUs.

In an Arm Community blog about holographic display and the new collaboration, Will Foote, senior solutions marketing manager at Arm, writes: “Arm’s IP technology is already powering today’s leading AR devices and experiences. Through valued partnerships with companies like VividQ, we can address current AR challenges, particularly around display, and help to enable the next generation of AR devices. 

“The innovation of VividQ around holographic display and CGH is helping to enhance the AR experience and ultimately enable the widespread adoption and use of AR.”

Tom Durrant, co-founder and Chief Development Officer at VividQ said: “Our hope is to jumpstart the expansion and adoption of AR, empowering it with a revolutionary new display technology.”

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