31 July, 2017 - 21:59 By Tony Quested

ip.access ships 2 millionth licence

ipaccess 3g nano

ip.access, the Cambridge-based independent small cell solution provider, has shipped the two millionth licence for its 3G small cell software platform.

The platform is used in the Cisco 3G Microcell, one of the world's earliest and largest residential small cell deployments with AT&T in the US.

Having been deployed, hardened, enhanced and maintained continuously over the last eight years, ip.access maintains that its software platform guarantees performance at the highest quality of service standards while still being delivered independently.

Nick Johnson, CTO at ip.access, said: “Passing two million shipments demonstrates the experience we have of delivering and managing the mass-market roll-out of our small cells. It also means that we understand this layer of the network better than anyone else in the market, when other vendors have fallen short.

“This knowledge permeates our business and our technology and is vital to our ability to support the mass roll out of small cells for other applications – whether that is in the enterprise, in transport deployments or elsewhere. 

“As customer demand for reliable indoor coverage increases across the board ip.access’ experience means it is in the prime position to capitalise on the significant market opportunity that demand represents.”

The 3G software platform is part of ip.access’ end-to-end small cell solution, which enables mobile network operators to get a high quality mobile phone signal inside buildings and other hard-to-reach places, and uses broadband IP backhaul for rapid deployment and low-cost operation.

ip.access has products and solutions live in over 100 customers’ networks around the world.

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