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5 February, 2020 - 13:47 By Tony Quested

Lynch submits to arrest but fights extradition to US

Mike Lynch, former CEO of Autonomy

Cambridge technology entrepreneur Dr Mike Lynch has today submitted himself for arrest but his lawyers stress that this is a formality required as part of the extradition process initiated by the US Department of Justice in an ongoing legal wrangle initiated by American company HP and that he is fighting the threat of extradition.

His lawyers Chris Morvillo and Reid Weingarten have issued a vigorous defence of the former Autonomy CEO’s position and a fierce attack on the US Department of Justice. And they warn the extradition bid by the US holds wider implications for British business.

Their statement reads: “Since HP first raised these allegations more than seven years ago, Dr Lynch has steadfastly denied them and has worked hard to properly respond and set the record straight. 

“The UK SFO previously investigated and did not pursue the allegations. Dr Lynch has now answered HP’s claims in the appropriate forum, the High Court in London, where he attended court every day of the 10-month trial.

“During that trial, Dr Lynch testified about all of these allegations for more than 20 days. He has not hidden, nor has he shied away from defending his conduct. 

“Having patiently and diligently defended the case in England for several years, he awaits the civil trial judgment. The US DOJ should not have commenced extradition proceedings prior to the judgment of the English High Court.

“This case has wider implications for British business. The US claims concern alleged conduct in the UK. Dr Lynch is a British citizen who ran a British company listed on the London Stock Exchange, governed by English law and UK accounting standards. 

“This extradition request reflects yet another example of the DOJ's attempts to exert extraterritorial jurisdiction over non-US conduct. The forum bar in the UK Extradition Act was enacted by the UK Parliament to protect British citizens from such a scenario.

“Dr Lynch vigorously rejects all the allegations against him and is determined to continue to fight these charges.”

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