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15 July, 2021 - 21:07 By Tony Quested

Nasdaq giants underpin massive growth for Bango

Cambridge mobile commerce company Bango is cashing in on major investment in its technology from Nasdaq behemoths Amazon and Microsoft as well as other global players. 

Reporting strong revenue and profit growth in the first half of  2021, Bango’s global platform for data-driven commerce is leveraged  by tech giants to grow their online commerce faster and more effectively.

Bango revenues for the first half of 2021 grew 49 per cent to £7.1 million.

The company focuses on enabling mobile app developers and app stores to generate more business for its customers. 

Bango’s End User Spend haul for the first half of 2021 grew to £1.3 billion – up from £0.7bn in year-on-year. And it has plenty of cash to underpin further international growth.

CEO Paul Larbey said: “Building on the strong foundations laid in 2020, Bango has sustained high growth in the first half of 2021. The Bango platform is the preferred way for merchants to grow their customer base – as demonstrated by the additional business with Xbox cloud gaming and Amazon Prime bundles.

“Bango is chosen by telcos and other mass market businesses to leverage the innovations in media, gaming and lifestyle content in ways that build longer-term and more profitable customer relationships.

“The power of Bango Audiences for driving increased returns on app developer marketing campaigns is evident from the 10x growth in Audience usage, demonstrating the importance of purchase behaviour targeting for marketing teams.

“Bango enters the second half of 2021 with tremendous momentum across the business, enabling continued investment for future growth.”

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